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A5 Slimming Diary, Diet Diary, Food Log Journal, Slimming Club, Fill In You…

•  3 Month Diet Diary Compatible with popular diet plans.
•  Full Colour Throughout, A5 Size Format, Perfect Bound Soft Back Book, with aProfessionally printed Cover.
•  How to and helpful pages about YOU and YOUR Goals & Achievements. 
•  Meal Planner Pages (Create your own Meal Plans compatible with your Diet Plan. 
•  Mood Tracker.
•  Activity and Exercise Tracker. 
•  Your Weight Recorder and Tracker. 
•  Your Measurement Recorder and Tracker. 

Food And Exercise Daily Diary

ISBN 10 : 1904512046
ISBN 13 : 9781904512042


My 90 Days Diet Journal

ISBN 10 : 1541338774
ISBN 13 : 9781541338777

My 90 Days DIET JOURNAL is your companion during your diet. This sweet weight-loss book, which is meant to be filled out, is your motivating planner for a successful change in diet..

Slimming World S Free Foods

ISBN 10 : 9780091901653
ISBN 13 : 0091901650

This unique approach to slimming is based on a revolutionary concept--that of "Free Foods"--foods you eat in any quantities, whenever you're hungry. And they aren't just typical di..

Daily Planner Diet Journal

ISBN 10 : 9781934386385
ISBN 13 : 1934386383

This convenient journal provides an easy way to lose weight or personalize any nutrition plan, whether the goal is to get in shape, increase energy, or improve eating habits. The D..

Food Journal And Planner

ISBN 10 : 1511586214
ISBN 13 : 9781511586214

Food Journal and Planner: You can track all your eating habits for a whole year with this handy book. Click to see inside for the detailed layout. Planning and tracking your day to..

Diet Tracker

ISBN 10 : 1505989450
ISBN 13 : 9781505989458

Your Diet is Your Business. With this "Discreet" Diet Tracker, you won't broadcast to the world that you are dieting. This diet journal notebook has a plain cover so you can keep y..

I Love My Food And Exercise Journal

ISBN 10 : 1499735502
ISBN 13 : 9781499735505

This new Food and Exercise Journal has two pages per day with plenty of room for you to record everything you eat and drink at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (along with all of those ..

My Personal Diet Journal Set Your Goals Track Your Progress Get Results

ISBN 10 : 1499612338
ISBN 13 : 9781499612332

Do you want to make sure you achieve your weight-loss or dieting goals? You can use this 8.5"x11" journal for almost any diet or weight-loss system (for example: Doctor's Diet, Pal..

Daily Food Journal

ISBN 10 : 1441319697
ISBN 13 : 9781441319692

Studies show keeping track of what you eat is one of the best ways to manage your weight. This easy-to-use log book allows you to jot down the foods you eat for breakfast, lunch, d..

Weight Loss Journal 2016

ISBN 10 : 1523399546
ISBN 13 : 9781523399543

Weight Loss Journal 2016 : This journal for you to write in is a fantastic aid to your weight loss. It is cleverly formatted over two pages and will allow you to track your weight ..